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Success Story
Success Story

Success Story

Successful launch of prepaid mobile telephone system platform built by TailorMade with ­2 million subscribers.

Comviq AB

Comviq AB, a subsidary of Tele2 AB, enjoys major success on the prepaid GSM market in Sweden, and had over 2 000,000 prepaid subscribers at the end of 2004. When Comviq launched services they where the first operator in Sweden to launch a prepaid service. Comviq saw a business opportunity and went for it, becoming the largest prepaid operator in Sweden.

TailorMade is the provider of the prepaid system used in Sweden and also later on, in 8 other European countries where Tele2 has launched this service.

At Comviq and Tele2, there is a never-ceasing stream of new business needs. Fredrik Berglund, Chief Executive Officer at Tele2 Sweden, is pleased with the rapid response from TailorMade and the way that these business needs have been analyzed, designed and implemented in TailorMades system.

“TailorMade has shown both speed and flexibility in its analysis and implementation of new prepaid services for us.This has resulted in short time-to-market for services such as voice mail, roaming and bonus on incoming minutes.”

The TailorMade Prepaid user interface provides customer care representatives with a tool for handling customers efficiently. One main window gives access to all functions, which results in highly improved customer service. Customer care representatives have fast and easy access to call detail information, and to information about mobile usage, refills and adjustments.

Today, a comprehensive system of notes provides rapid access to a complete customer history, something that is appreciated by customer care representatives. Now they can see colleagues’ actions for a specific customer. It is easy to get started – only a few hours of training are required for the personnel. Håkan Klingensjö, Billing Director at Comviq is very satisfied with the user interface of the system.

“TailorMade’s system is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use billing systems we have at Comviq today."

To sum up, Comviq continues to define new business needs on a competitive market, and is impressed with the way that these business needs are met by TailorMade.
Success Story