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The Company

TailorMade - The Company

TailorMade is one of the international market leaders within its business area. We have 120 installations and 80 million end customers in 60 different countries.


TailorMade is an international independent company within ModernHoldings, a part of the Kinnevik Group. Modern Holdings is a US based holding company, that invest and run companies in industries where there is extensive knowledge within Modern Holdings – primarily telecommunications and professional services.


TailorMade was founded 1997 in order to help midsize and large corporations to explore new business opportunities within the micro transaction area.

Our Core

TailorMade is providing a methodology and solutions for business solutions based on micro transactions for companies that need to grow within new areas, products and services in order to gain and retain a leadership position within its industry.

Small transactions - Big business

The reason why large companies has chosen TailorMade is it’s modern know-how within new business opportunities based on large volume, but fairly small transactions. Typical needs are within Telecom, Media, Games/betting and Utility.

Fast Return On Investment

We add ideas and we facilitate your Executive team to create new business models within new services based on new customer needs and buying behaviours. We also help you to implement these within six months so the ROI and competitive advantages can be realized in a very short time frame.
TailorMade - The Company

Managing Director

Jens Björkman
+46 8 522 00 305


Tord Hjerpe
+46 8 522 00 301

Customer Relationship Manager

Jan Abrahamsson
+46 8 562 45 410

Project Director

Maria Philipsson
+46 8 562 45 413

Development Manager

Pelle Ewald
+46 8 562 454 04

Business Developer

Magnus Granström
+46 8 562 45 454